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I have learned new ways to approach life and really discover more of what my client's needs are.


Learning to Build a Life Insurance Practice

A veteran advisor had always assisted his clients when they asked about life insurance. Then, his Saybrus Consultant suggested a new approach he could use to proactively focus on life insurance with all of his clients. The advisor began providing a complimentary Life Needs Analysis, a simple assessment to determine appropriate coverage amount to provide for the client’s family, and a review of any existing life insurance policies. Using this process, the advisor has made addressing his clients’ life needs part of his annual reviews and his new client discovery. The result? In the first year, the advisor secured coverage for nearly 200 of his clients.

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My Saybrus Consultant has some awesome ideas. His willingness to share and help educate me and my staff has put a whole new meaning to 'taking care of our clients'.


Demystifying Retirement Security with Annuities

A successful insurance agent built his practice by keeping the best interests of his clients as the top priority. When his Saybrus Consultant featured a new annuity option on his firm’s platform, he was initially attracted to the higher growth opportunity than was available on the CDs and “safe money” alternatives in which his clients were investing. The Saybrus Consultant proceeded to demonstrate a client presentation, highlighting key questions to ask clients and how to identify which product option would be most appropriate. The agent was impressed by the annuity’s strong value for his retiring clients, as well as the simple way he could show how it could further their goals. One client brought his daughter to meet with the agent. After hearing the presentation, the client and his daughter placed over $2.5 million for their respective plans.

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My Saybrus Consultant's #1 goal is consulting and educating clients on how to provide security in life, death and retirement, all while giving me and my firm the credit.


A High Income Earner’s Dilemma

For successful people, accumulating funds for the future often comes with a hefty tax bill. A commercial developer in his mid-thirties sought his Advisor’s counsel on such matters, as well as ensuring financial security for his new fiancé and their future family. Working with his Saybrus Consultant, the Advisor proposed a strategy employing unique tax advantages of life insurance. With tax-deferred growth on policy cash values and tax-advantaged access to the funds, the client was able to maximize his savings, minimize taxes and provide critical protection for his new family.

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