Our Unique Advantage

What makes us different?

We're glad you asked.  Here's what makes us truly unique, and we think, second to none.

A Commitment to Commitment

Dedication is our approach to building trusted relationships with financial professionals. Working exclusively with one or just a few accounts, our locally based sales professionals deliver maximum coverage and focus for our partner firms.

Focus on Solutions

Our priority is not on promoting a given product, but on serving clients' best interests. That means we can be fully committed to helping identify the most appropriate products and services, while providing financial professionals the kind of planning expertise and support they need.

Our team is able to provide in-depth consultation and strategies for:

  • Basic insurance protection
  • Supplemental retirement planning
  • Legacy building
  • Tax-efficient cash accumulation and wealth transfer
  • Asset maximization
  • Estate preservation and equalization
  • Strategies for business owners

Our Team of Experts

Working with Saybrus Partners means adding our unique formula of talent, technique and collaborative support to your business. With an average of 15 years industry experience, our highly credentialed sales professionals are full-time employees located across the country for local consultation.

Each one of our field-based consultants attends rigorous training in Prospect to Partner, our proprietary system, so that our partners enjoy the same disciplined approach and superior service nationwide. Additionally, our centralized management structure means we can nimbly respond to our partners' needs.

See our experts featured in trade and other publications by visiting our newsroom.

Comprehensive Sales Support

We offer a complete set of professional capabilities that includes:

  • Case Design and Illustration Support: Our internal sales team is available on-demand for assistance with illustrations, application completion and client questions
  • Legal and Compliance Expertise: The credentials, knowledge and integrity to adhere strictly to partner and industry compliance standards
  • Marketing Support: Customized programs and campaigns that facilitate proactive engagement with your clients
  • Training and Education: Ongoing access to the latest product information and financial planning techniques

A Proven Approach for Client Solutions

A disciplined course of action is at the heart of a successful partnership. We guide our partners through a time-tested process for building the most suitable solutions for clients.

Understanding goals:

We believe in understanding clients' big picture. Who are they, what are their concerns, where are they today and what are their hopes for the future? We help discover and develop a thorough appreciation of clients' goals.

Analyzing needs:

Just as important is an objective analysis of clients' needs. We help you identify planning gaps and opportunities for a range of concerns including retirement, estate, business and insurance planning.

Building the right solution:

Once we thoroughly understand clients' needs and goals, we'll work to customize each client's most beneficial strategy, identify and configure appropriate products, and craft a lucid, compelling presentation that brings results.

Customized Partnerships

Great partners move in lock step with one another. That's why we don't take a one size fits all approach. We limit our partnerships and make great efforts to align ourselves with our partner firms' cultures, structures and objectives. The result is strict adherence to our partners' company standards, a consistent experience for clients and effective marketing and training programs for each organization.

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Partner With Us

Located nationwide, our team is committed to helping you reach your goals.